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[3.03] [OTA Updatable][AROMA] Optimised Stock 3 - CN3 - Team Innovative

By shripal17 » 2016-9-11 19:54  Post Time [Note 3] Stick [Copy Link]

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Edited by shripal17 at 2016-12-26 20:29
Hola Cool Fans!

Team Innovative presents OPTIMISED STOCK 3.0 for CN3
Now with AROMA INSTALLER and OTA Updater
OTA Updates will be of Optimised Stock 3.0 series (through "OTA Updater" app), and not official CoolUI8 MM


Update 3.03 (26/12/2016) changelog:
  • Loading Time at Boot Logo has been increased. BE PATIENT
  • MIUI8 System Animations
  • Removed Toast and IME Animations
  • Menu Animations are now smoother and normal
  • SuperSU Updated to v2.79-SR1
  • Systemless Xposed updated to v87
  • Init.d scripts moved to su.d
  • 1.7GB RAM Swap added
  • Swapiness Increased
  • VM Tweaks in su.d
  • Interactive Governor Tweaks in su.d
  • Add Nova Launcher
  • Update Material Design Xposed Installer
  • Pre-include The Team Innovative App
  • Pre-include CoolUI8 Mods Xposed Module
  • Add BootAnims app by JRummy
  • Remove XHFW3 and Multi Window Sidebar (which reduced performance and caused bugs after updating)
  • Fixed Lags
  • New BootAnimation
  • New BootLogo
  • You can select if you want to download and install further OTA Updates from External SD Card
  • Added 4 Ringtone Packs-
    -Samsung Galaxy S7
    -Xperia Z5
    -HTC 10
    -LG G5
  • Updated Settings/About Device Banner
  • Made All kinds of Dialogs compact. Looks better.
  • Add option to enable/disable NavBar from Aroma Installer
  • All Wallpapers replaced by Coolpad Note 5 Wallpapers
  • Online Themes Enabled
  • Default Wallpaper changed to that from Coolpad Note 5
Update 3.02 (02/10/2016) changelog:
  • Reduced minimum brightness little bit, for usage at night
  • Removed Screenstate Scaling Script which caused heating and high battery usage
  • Add more beautiful HD wallpapers picked up from 500px and Google+
  • ViPER4Android now pre-configured for Coolpad Earphones without the need to set Effect Profile manually
  • You can now change dpi in this AROMA Installer-based update zip
  • Remove ad blocking
  • Change ring, message and alarm tones to those of AOSP (optional through aroma installer)

Update 3.01 (15/09/2016):
  • Fixes ViPER4Android Issues
  • Add Pixel (Nexus) Launcher as System App
  • Remove Bloat and make 400MB free in /system
    -Google Photos
    -Google Play Music
    -Google Movies & TV
    -Email App
    -CoolUI8 OTA Apps

What is AROMA Installer?
AROMA Installer is an Installer from ROMs/MODs which provides a full GUI (Graphic User Interface) along with touch support in Custom Recoveries. AROMA Installer enabled ZIPs have to be flashed the same way as normal ZIPs. Once flashed, the AROMA Installer will start. The main purpose of AROMA Installer is customization according to user's needs. Users can choose which features/apps/mods to install along with the ROM.

How to use AROMA Installer for installing Optimised Stock 3.0:
0. If you are coming from Lollipop, then it is recommended to wipe data before installing. Wiping data will ensure better battery backup and fewer bugs
1. Flash the zip normally from twrp
2. Now aroma installer will begin
3. Be gentle with touch. Touch very lightly. That will give better response and better accuracy. Touch is not that accurate. But still it's good.
4. Select theme for the installer User Interface
5. Agree to the license
6. Read the changelog
7. Select "Install the ROM"
8. Select "default" if you want all the features to be installed. Select "custom" if you manually want to select the features to be installed.
9. Install now
11. Read the instructions and remember them
12. Wipe Cache and Dalvik Manually from recovery
13. Reboot your device
14. Follow the instructions given by the installer:
-If you had selected ViPER4Android during install options,
   Open ViPER4Android app
   Select "Load Effect Profile"
   Select "CP_Earphones

First boot may be long (5-6minutes). Press and hold Power Button to reboot if you want to know the "Optimising App" progress

See init.d log at /data/init.d.log

Addons which you can select/deselect in AROMA Installer:
1. Apps:
  - trebuchet
  - material design xposed installer
2. Mods
  - Systemless Xposed Framework v86.2 by topjohnwu @xda-developers
  - ViPER4Android
  - EmojiOne2. 1
  - AD Blocking
3. Optimised stock 3.0 Boot Logo/Anim
4. Theme:
  - EMUI Gold by Vivek Naudiyal
To receive Optimised Stock OTA Updates:

Delete /system/ota.prop and the folder OTA-Updater in Internal and External Storage
Then, clear data of OTA Updater app and download
Your internal storage must be decrypted
If it isnt, you will have to manually flash the update.
Use stable Internet Connection to download this update.

Will work on Black as well as White variants

Release Date: 11/09/2016
Build Date: 07/09/2016
Initial Release
  • Pre-Rooted
  • Systemless Xposed Framework v86.2 pre-installed (by topjohnwu)
  • XPOSED FULLY WORKING!!! (without enabling the "Disabled Resource Hooks" Option) (Installed Gravity Box and many of its functions are working! not all functions will work because CoolUI8 has it's own methods)
  • Support all Rotations (180° rotation support added
  • Made NEW Toast Entry and Exit Animations
  • Made NEW Keyboard Entry and Exit Animations
  • IME selector permanently disabled
  • Touchpal Removed
  • ViPER4Android with special Effect Profile for Coolpad Earphones
  • Init.d support (see /sdcard/init.d_test.txt if it works
  • Init.d scripts pre-installed SPECIALLY MADE for Coolpad Note 3
  • Battery tweaks at every boot
  • VM & Cache tweaks at every boot
  • Build.prop tweaks for battery saving, gaming & performance
  • FULLY AD-BLOCKED (updated on: 01/08/2016
  • NEW Boot Logo & Boot Animation (specially made for this ROM
  • ZipAlign all apps (system & user) at every boot
  • SQLite Optimisations for databases at every boot
  • Set highest priority for necessary apps (phone, keyboard, launcher, camera, etc
  • Bloatware removed
  • Battery calibration script at boot (if you want to calibrate battery, charge it to 100% and reboot. Check calibration report in /data/init.d.log
  • All init.d logging done at /data/init.d.log
  • System hibernation tweak in build.prop
  • Increased touch senisitivity
  • Internet Speed Tweaks
  • Memory Tweaks
  • SELinux set to Permissive permanently
  • Disabled journalism & Logging
  • EXT4 FIlesystem Tweaks
  • Sysctl tweaks
  • Battery Saving + Performance tweaks both at the same time
  • Set CFQ as default I/O Scheduler
  • CFQ I/O Scheduler Tweaks
  • Increased storage operations speed (Read Ahead value set to 1024KB
  • Dalvik Tweaks
  • Kernel Tweaks
  • Default DPI=260
  • Special linux-based "laptop_mode" pre-enabled for battery saving
  • Default system-wide emoji pack: EmojiOne 2.1 with Android 6.0.1 NEW Emojis Enabled
  • Material Design Xposed Installer by dvdandroid@xda as system app
  • Trebuchet (CyanogenMod 13) Launcher as system app (Default Launcher also available
  • IPV4 & IPV6 Tweaks

Some Notes:
1. Whole init.d log available at /data/init.d.log
2. To enable developer options, tap on "ROM" 6 times
3.  In case you want the stock boot logo and bootanim back: Download Stock Boot Logo and/or Stock BootAnim from the link
4. Can be flashed over any ROM, any android version and FP will be working!
5. Make sure that you flash the Bloat remover/any update package only after going through the SetupWizard! Because SetupWizard has lots of dependencies on other system apps and so it will force stop if those (bloat) apps are absent!
6. To disable Float Dot Launcher (Green dot on screen):
Open XHFW3 and swipe to "Titlebar and corners" tab
Then go to FloatDot Theme
and disable FloatDot Launcher
7.If you dont find ViPER4Android Effect Profiles:
-Either your Internal Storage is encrypted (not accessible by TWRP)
-Marshmallow Permission Problem. To solve this issue, follow these instructions:
Go to settings-App Settings-ViPER4Android-Permissions-Disable and enable Storage Permissions
Force Stop V4A App and open it, then you will find the effect profile if your Internal Storage is decrypted.

Amarullz @xda-developers for the amazing AROMA Installer SOURCES

Team Innovative Members:
1. Amit Kumar Singh  
2. Aryan
3. Sjain  
4. Me

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Guneet420 Big Cool Fan Post Time 2016-9-25 18:58:56 | Show all posts
im so getting rid of the phone , not one stable cm build . You guys can not dream of achieving anything against xiaomi , so long sckers

atulm4440 Gold Member Post Time 2016-9-17 09:18:51 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
I did exactly how you said but the ota update is not working

Abhi7 Senior Cool Post Time 2016-9-11 22:07:53 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Dude first tell me is this will erase external sd and it not hangs to last section that flashed successfully click next???????????
Bcoz optimised 2.01 ruined my SD card data?????
Sounds great that gravirybox will work on this hope so!?!?!


if u think it will erase xternal sd then unmount remove before flashing very simple  Post Time 2017-6-29 17:04
if u think it will erase xternal sd then unmount remove before flashing very simple  Post Time 2017-6-29 17:04

Rakesh5897 Veteran Post Time 2016-9-11 20:32:55 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
How to install it in marsmallow v14. Does it have battery & charging bugs or not. It support VOLTE or not.

trushtushar Veteran Post Time 2016-9-11 22:12:15 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
awesome. .. your team was doing awesome work.. . thanks


whether we have wipe all system data before installing the aroma zip.... plz clarify how to install aroma if posible make a video  Post Time 2016-9-23 17:20
whether we have wipe all system data before installing the aroma zip.... plz clarify how to install aroma if posible make a video  Post Time 2016-9-23 17:20
what is the use of update package 3.01  Post Time 2016-9-23 17:16
what is the use of update package 3.01  Post Time 2016-9-23 17:16

tharun29 Big Cool Fan Post Time 2016-9-11 20:21:03 | Show all posts
awesome bro thanks

shripal17 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-9-11 20:39:29 | Show all posts
Rakesh5897 replied at 2016-9-11 20:32
How to install it in marsmallow v14. Does it have battery & charging bugs or not. It support VOLTE o ...

no battery and charging bugs. VoLTE supported. Instructions already given


Thanks Bro for reply  Post Time 2016-9-11 23:44
Thanks Bro for reply  Post Time 2016-9-11 23:44

GangadharReddy Veteran Post Time 2016-9-11 20:40:21 | Show all posts
Bro u made it

jeeshan7866 Veteran Post Time 2016-9-11 20:45:02 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
Nice bro

Dharmendar Veteran Post Time 2016-9-11 20:50:27 From the mobile phone | Show all posts

shripal17 Cool Moderator Post Time 2016-9-11 20:56:40 From the mobile phone | Show all posts
GangadharReddy replied at 2016-9-11 20:40
Bro u made it

Yes bro
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